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Greetings to blog followers, fellow cyclists, and those who have just happened to stumble across this post. Today, I’m going to step back in time and share some of my most popular posts with you all.

After blogging for so many months, I’ve accumulated quite the collection of cycling posts. Many are for new cyclists and feature “how-to” manuals about choosing a bike, healthy cycling, and bicycle upkeep. My other most common posts feature anecdotes from bicycle history.

Below, you can read excerpts from my most loved and most viewed posts. My hope is that you’ll get a better flavor of the topics I write about on the Barton Haynes blog and will check out the articles that peak others’ interests so that you can learn more about the wonderful world of cycling.

The History of Downhill Mountain Bike Racing

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“Riding a bicycle has always been a part of most people’s childhood. The first time that one is able to balance on a bike and move a few meters feels like a mountain of achievement. Once you get the power and skills to ride a bicycle the next step for most people is to take a mountain bike and go outdoors for an adventure.

The adventure that is associated with mountain bikes is what led to the development of the popular downhill mountain bike racing. At first it started as a fun outdoor activity for friends but over the years it has evolved into a form of sport that millions of people across the world follow. However, the history of downhill mountain bike racing is longer than this, and it is also more interesting and starts with the invention of the mountain bike.”

How to Treat Road Rash


  • Step 1: Be prepared
  • Step 2: Wash the wound immediately
  • Step 3: Dress your wound
  • Step 4: Monitor your wound closely
  • Step 5: Heal to completion and prevent scarring

Why is Cycling Good for your Knees?


“Well, first of all, it doesn’t involve excess flexing like you see extreme weight lifters doing. These exercises that involve sudden starts and stops can be extremely damaging. Other sports that fit within this group are basketball, soccer, football, and even racquetball and tennis. These sports all involve sprinting and suddenly stopping. This is bad news for someone trying to protect their knees.

According to an article published on, head physical therapist at Community Physical Therapy & Wellness in New York, Matthew Goodemotae, says, “There’s no question that cycling is an excellent way to get a cardiovascular workout without stressing weight-bearing joints.”

Another article on explains, “Many rehabilitation programs include some form of bicycle work, whether on an upright stationary bike or a recumbent one. This is because bicycling is a low-impact sport. Cycling preserves the knee from any jarring impact experienced during sports such as running.” It even continues to say, “It’s also a non-weight bearing form of exercise. Unlike walking or weight-training, cycling puts a minimum amount of pressure on the joint. This makes cycling a gentler sport that is well-suited for those recovering from injury, or as an introductory sport for those not accustomed to regular exercise.”

Cycling targets the quadriceps and hamstrings in your legs, both of which support the knee joint. Therefore, it’s the most ideal sport that not only helps you to avoid knee injury, but helps to prevent it.”

Fat Tire Bikes

Barton Haynes Fat Tire

“According to [the explanation of a cycling specialist in Alaska], fat tire bikes are able to adjust to any type of weather. Seeing how the bike faired on the icy path, I can personally attest to the fact that it looked like an easy ride. The super grip of the tires were no match for the snow. Furthermore, the rider explained that the sturdy tires could be taken on and off pavement. He told me that he often rode through uneven grounds off trail through the tree-ridden areas of Anchorage. Finally, he explained how he could ride in the rain, sleet, or snow with heavy winds. The extra weight of fat tire bikes make them a perfect mode of transportation in less than perfect weather.”

History of Road Cycling

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“The history of cycling itself began with the invention of the bike in 1800s; they started off as a tool for the rich and then became common in transportation and travelling. The first cycling sporting event took place in 1868 in Hendon, Middlesex. An English man named James Moore won this race on a solid rubber tire bike. The race stretched 1200m and took place in the Park of Saint-Cloud, Paris. Moore also rode to victory in another race between Paris and Rouen cities. He took 10 hours and 40 minutes to cover the 23 kilometers.”

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