Top 6 Reasons Why Road Cycling Is Healthy

Why Road Cycling Is Healthy | Bart Haynes Cycling is considered a very tough sport and that is because it’s based on dedication and great physical endurance, especially for those who plan on riding professionally. But besides the adrenal rush and the fact that learning how to ride a bike very well can help you get around, there are also a lot more benefits to cycling than you’d want to believe there are.

In fact, not only are cyclists a lot healthier than most people who don’t engage in any type of physical activities, but they also look younger, have a better immune system and are even more intelligent. So with that being said, in the paragraphs below we’re going to take a better look at some of the most important Reasons Road Cycling Is Healthy and probably convince you along the way to actually become a cycler.

  1. Improves Mental Capacity

It may sound a bit exaggerated, but the truth is that if you cycle, then you’re basically going to take the right steps to grow your mind. All those hours spent pedaling will not only help develop your glutes and quads, but also increase your gray matter. New blood vessels will develop in your muscles and brain and what this means is that your brain is going to get a lot more nutrients and oxygen in order to help them work.

When you cycle, not only do you burn energy and help your muscles develop, but you also cause a higher and higher amount of nerve cells to fire. When these neurons are finally going to fire, they’re going to improve the production of proteins such as BDNF, but also that of a special compound that’s better known as noggin.

Together, they’re going to help with the creation of new brain cells. In time, you’ll manage to increase the creation of neurons of up to three times. Given the fact you’re going to release neurotransmitters, too, all these new cells, both old and new, will be able to communicate easier and faster with one another. As you can see, this is definitely one of the most important Reasons Road Cycling Is Healthy.

  1. Sleep more deeply

While in the short term taking an early morning ride can get you feeling pretty tired, in the long run you’re going to considerably improve your quality of sleep. In a study performed by the Stanford University School of Medicine that involved people suffering from insomnia, it was discovered that after they were recommended cycling as a way to improve their condition, all of them managed to fall asleep 50% faster. On top of that, their sleep time was also increased by almost 60 minutes which is simply amazing.

According to Loughborough’s University professor, Jim Horne, since cycling takes place outside, the cyclist is exposed to daylight and this helps him get his circadian rhythm back in sync. Better yet, cycling helps rid the body of cortisol, which is a stress hormone that can prevent regenerative, deep sleep.

  1. Get in shape

Any dedicated cyclist is going to be one of the fittest individuals in their group of friends and that’s because if you cycle just for one hour a day, then you’re going to be able to burn up to five hundred calories based on how fast you pedal and also your incline. Not only that, but when you pedal, you’re also getting your heart rate up which lowers the chances of suffering from heart disease later on and reduces your risk of heart attack, coronary heart disease and stroke.

On top of helping you protect your heart from various diseases, cycling also uses a wide range of muscles, including your core, your calves, hamstrings, but also your quadriceps which severely improves your physical endurance and your immune system. Better yet, when you cycle you don’t need to worry about putting a strain on your joints which is usually the case with running.

  1. Beat illness

While everyone knows that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, it seems that eating an apple is not as healthy as cycling for several hours a week. According to the chief dietician at a popular hospital in London, those who exercise moderately challenge their immune cells to become more active. In turn, they’re going to become stronger and therefore help fight off infection a lot more effectively. According to her, those who cycle 5 days a week take about 50% less sick days as couch potatoes.

  1. Cycling is excellent for your waistline

For those who are trying to lose weight, cycling is definitely one of the best ways to go at it since it’s not too demanding and also easy to consider by most people. Not only can you cycle almost everywhere, without having to worry about requiring a special type of space to engage in it, but if you don’t have a bike, then you can just rent one and still give in to your passion for a very low price. Some other Reasons Road Cycling Is Healthy is because your metabolism is going to be ramped up even after you’ve finished the ride. Now that’s certainly something not many sports out there can help out with.

  1. Improve your sex life

Last but not least, it’s fair to say that those who are more physically active are going to enjoy an improvement in their vascular health which also means their sex life is going to be a lot better. In a study conducted by the Cornell University on a couple dozen men, it was discovered that those who cycle have the sexual prowess of men 2 to 5 years younger. As for women who cycle, they were able to delay their menopause by the same amount of time. Lastly, in a study performed by Harvard University, researchers found out that men aged over fifty years old who cycle for a minimum of 3h a week have a 30% less risk of impotence compared to those that don’t exercise.

At the end of the day, cycling is not only healthy, but also a lot of fun and can also be a great way to improve your socialization skills by meeting up with your cyclist friends at various events and so forth. Now that you know the Reasons Road Cycling Is Healthy, how about you get your bike and go outside for a spin?