Barton Haynes September Ride Update

Bart Haynes Winter Riding Schedule

Bart Haynes here with my September ride update. As October nears, so do my morning rides on my bike trainer rather than out and about. I’ve written before about how I like to alternate between riding on the road and riding on my trainer.

In the past couple of weeks however, the mornings have been getting colder. Cold enough now that I find myself gravitating towards my trainer most mornings now. Granted, the morning in San Diego would probably be considered reasonable many other places (high 50s, low 60s), but San Diego has made me warm-blooded and, add 20mph wind to 60 degrees and it feels much colder.

I don’t give up on road riding altogether in the winter – I’m just a bit choosier on when I get out on the road. I also take some trips out East into the desert where it stays warm all year.  

Barton Haynes Ride Update

Bart Haynes September Riding

September might be my favorite time to ride for several reasons.

·         It’s still warm enough to ride outside every-day

·         It’s cool enough to keep you from getting overheated while riding

·         There are less bikers out and about

·         Fall is starting to creep in and natural colors are getting more varied

·         Besides of a couple more races a bit later in the year, the pressure to be hitting the pedals hard every week is gone

Barton Haynes Cycling Update

Recap on Bart Haynes Summer Ride

Also around this time of year, I often think back and reflect on how the racing seasons went for me. This year was a good year, but not because things went “according to plan.” I actually participated in less races this year than in a long time.

I just wasn’t feeling my competitive edge this year.

In consequence, I relaxed and simply enjoyed racing. I didn’t push myself too much. I’m old enough to know that sometimes you just need years like this. While not a “break from riding,” it certainly is somewhat of a “break from competition.”

Who knows, maybe saving my energy this summer will give me the strength and drive I need to finally get platinum when I close out the riding season with El Tour de Tuscon in November.

Many thanks for following along,

Barton Haynes