Video Edition: Choosing a Bike

Hello and happy holidays to all of my fellow cyclists!

It’s hard to believe that today is December 1st. Christmas will be here before you know it. If you’ve stumbled upon this post via an Internet search, chances are that you’re in the market to buy someone you love (or yourself!) a bicycle.

I remember when I received my first bike. Being born into a rather large family, special gifts weren’t easy to come by. Most of the time, I received my siblings’ hand-me-downs. However, on Christmas morning when I was maybe 5 or 6, I ran down the stairs to behold a bicycle under the tinsel-draped tree. It was just my size. I ran up to it and began searching wildly for the tag. When I found it underneath the bow tied to the handlebars, I couldn’t believe my eyes: To Bart, Love Santa.

It was at that moment that my bicycle obsession began. As I grew older, I saved for bigger and better bikes. Now, I have my dream bike and aim to help those of you who are looking for new rides this winter.

In the first video post, I bring you the very best bicycle guides regarding choosing a bike. I hope that you learn something about buying a new bike that you didn’t know before.

Happy December to you all and best of luck on the roads!

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