Bart Haynes San Diego Ride Update 4/17

Bart Haynes here in sunny San Diego for my 4/17 ride update.

It was a perfect day for riding: just over 70 degree, bright but not “sunny-hot.” Enough clouds so that I didn’t need suntan lotion but not so many clouds that I needed a jacket.

San Diego is full into Spring. Summer green bloom began to creep from under the summer brown grass and dirt.

Bart Haynes bike blog San Diego spring coming!
Green foliage coming out

We know spring has arrived in San Diego when the birds are migrating north. I enjoy the nature along the coast more than anything else during my rides.

Bart Haynes ride update in San Diego 4.17
Birds migrating north over San Diego

I completed this 20 mile ride with my two riding partners: my wife and and old friend who was visiting in town. It’s hard to beat riding along the coast: plenty of road for a couple of cyclists, and no cars!

Bart Haynes San Diego ride update 4.17
Myself and my old friend visiting San Diego

All in all it was a beautiful ride. The week total comes to just over 100 miles. Not the most I’ve every done but not bad either. It just feels good to be outside, off of the trainer.