Ask Bart Haynes: Best Cycling Blogs of 2017

Hello, fellow cyclists!

Today, I wanted to dedicate a post to other corners of the Internet that share my love of cycling. I recently received an email asking about a list of cycling blogs I’d recommend. Therefore, today’s sharing is in honor of that question.

Below, you’ll find links and excerpts from 5 blogs that I read regularly. These cycling bloggers have a wealth of knowledge that they happily share in the excellent content that they post online.

Without further ado, here are 5 of the best cycling blogs of 2017.

1. Red Kite Prayer

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Here are a few experts from the Red Kite Prayer “About” page:

I (Padraig) decided to launch Red Kite Prayer for a simple reason. I knew companies wanted a chance to associate their brands with quality content. Put another way, there was a chance to get paid through ad revenue—paid without needing to compromise a single principle, discard a single value.

So we publish what we want and we’ve found that the only pushback we ever receive comes from you, the readers. We’ve achieved editorial autonomy while still having fun. I tell people that and they ask me how many unicorns I own. “All of them,” I say.

And that name? It came from a bit of code I liked to use with friends. My favorite moment in a race comes after passing the banner for the final kilometer—the red kite—and at some point you’ll see every rider look straight down. That look says something of their effort. Whether it’s Cavendish on his way to his sixth win of the week or some guy about to finish DFL on a mountain stage of the Giro, nearly everyone does it. It unites us; that look says volumes about how we each have something in reserve, how going hard is more than just legs, how our greatest efforts teach us about ourselves.

2. BikeHacks

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Bike Hacks and its team of partners Matt, Brendon and Andrew aim to spotlight on the kinky modifications and heterogeneous ideas people employ in their bikes. Some ideas are exceptionally good while some are as usual old.

If you have modified your bike or have excogitated something exceptional then we recommend you to read what Bike Hacks has to say, as it is the best resource for people who are looking for a platform to share their ideas or want some ideas from others to employ them on their bikes. You can easily get to Back Hacks through their email, Facebook or Twitter account.

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3. Average Joe Cyclist

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This biography is from Average Joe Cyclist’s “Start Here” page:

We are Joe Goodwill and Maggie Neilson (aka Average Joe Cyclist and Mrs. Average Joe Cyclist).

We are both average cyclists, and we write a blog for people like us. People who love cycling but who don’t necessarily look good in Lycra! The world is full of average people who ride bikes; let’s get together and make it a better world for all of us average cyclists!

This blog is about fun things average people can do on bikes, such as cycling along fun bike trails, or the many health benefits of cycling, or even becoming a bike commuter. We have both improved our health dramatically with cycling, and our hope in writing this blog is that it will inspire people like us to live healthier, longer lives in the best possible way, by having fun on a bike!

We have done a LOT of cycling, and we share what we have learned on this blog. We also write reviews of cycling products and trails. And over the years we have become increasingly activist, so we do what we can to make the world a safer place for cyclists. We believe everyone should be able to cycle safely, whether they are very young or very old, or somewhere in the middle – like us!

4. The Human Cyclist

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Here is The Human Cyclist’s mini-biography on the “Who?” page:

I’m a London cycling blogger who loves and hates hills in equal measure. I ride to prove I still exist. I ride to forget I exist. The Human Cyclist blog is my love letter to cycling.

Expect weekly (ish) blog posts usually road bike themed. My best blogs are niche or a new spin on familiar subjects. These are my cycling parables written to inspire you to ride your bike and make you smile on a rainy day. I love comments from readers so don’t be shy, share your thoughts below the line.

5. Carlin Cyclist

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An excerpt from Carlin Cyclist’s “About” page:

I’m an avid cyclist based in Virginia’s Blue Ridge.  I also travel several times a year for destination bike rides.  Personally, I am a husband, father to three grown boys and many know me as the news anchor on WSLS-10, the NBC affiliate in Roanoke, Va.  For more on my professional life, check out my Linked In profile or read my  initial blog, Where I’m coming from.

I want to thank you for stopping by the blog.  I hope you will take a moment to peruse several of my musings while you are here.  If you are looking for a place to go ride your road bike, there are numerous options under the menu for road bike rides.  Whenever I travel to ride, I try to convert that to useful information for my readers.  I do this several times a year.  My wheels have passed over the ground in places such as Glacier National ParkBurlington, VermontLancaster, Pa.  and even lesser known areas such as Speculator NY.

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Please check out these fantastic cycling blogs and support other cycling enthusiasts online!

Many thanks for reading. As always, happy cycling!