How To Pick Cycling Shoes

 How To Pick Cycling Shoes | Bart Haynes

After purchasing a bicycle for meeting your specific needs, you will need to get the best cycling shoes as it will make a big difference in your entire riding experience. if you are a frequent rider then you will need to look for cycling shoes with stiff soles for protecting and supporting your feet as it will provides you more comfort and better grip. But you will need to know how to pick cycling shoes if you want your riding to become more efficient and comfortable. Cycling shoes have been especially designed for being stiff and light as it facilitates efficient pedaling and these shoes comes with mesh panels for keeping your feet cool in summers. The soles of these shoes are designed for being compatible with clipless pedals that offer efficient pedaling as your feet are held in optimum position.

Whether you are exploring off road trails or riding on road or commuting to work, it is very important that you find out how to pick cycling shoes as it can make a big difference in your comfort, performance and enjoyment. When riding in the best cycling shoes for going short distance or riding through hilly terrains, you will experience a sense of relief as these shoes are especially made for helping you in your riding. These shoes are especially built for the job as these specific shoes provides better foot to pedal connection along with providing more safety as it offers instant foot entry and release. The selection of the best cycling shoes will enhance your entire cycling experience along with boosting your safety, comfort and pedal power.

The different factors that you need to consider when buying cycling shoes include:

Sole of the cycling shoes

This is one of the most important factors that will determine your comfort and performance level while you are riding the cycle. When buying cycling shoes should buy the one that is built with stiff, thin and carbon fiber sole. The stiff sole of these shoes will prevent energy from being lost in between you foot and pedal. You also have the option of buying shoes with perforated sole as it is most appropriate for draining water.

Well fitting shoes

Cycling shoes should be well fitting as it facilitates better riding and you should select a size that fits your feet perfectly. This is very important for ensuring proper and snug fit as these shoes also comes in different widths for fitting perfectly into your feet. But you will need to select the right width that fit comfortably in your feet so that you can be comfortable.

Material of the cycling shoes

Cycling requires a lot of pedaling and it is very important that you are comfortable while riding the bicycle. For this you will need to select shoes that are made with breathable materials as it will prevent you to feel discomfort due to the sweat. When the shoes are made with moisture wicking material, your feet will not feel and sweat since the material will draw the perspiration away from your feet. This will also prevent your feet from slipping inside the shoes and mesh patches in the shoes also allows your feet to breathe freely.

Comfortable fit

You need to select cycling shoes with features like loop strap closures, dial and hook and Velcro as these are very fast and easy way of adjusting the tightness of the shoes. It is especially important for long rides when you have to cycle through varied terrain as it helps in easy adjustments of the shoes so that it can maintain best fit.


The cost of the cycling shoes is also an important factor that you need to consider while buying these shoes but make sure that you don’t compromise on the quality for a cheap priced shoe. You may have to pay a higher price for a good quality shoes but it will provide you excellent performance and features.

Foot pain

There are some kind of stiff soled cycling shoes that can cause numbness and foot pain as these are extremely inflexible and rigid. Hence it is very important that you select shoes with extra padded and softer soles for decreasing pressure on your feet.