How To Clean Bicycle Brakes

Bart Haynes | How To Clean Bicycle Brakes

Not all people have the cash to pay for professional bicycle brake cleaning services. You can as well carry out the cleaning services provided you get the basics right. First, you should note the type of dirt that has developed on the brakes, in case there is some grease, then you will have to include a detergent that will remove grease in your list of tools required to clean the bicycle brake. Common tools which you will need to get the job done include; water in a bucket, a towel, sandpaper and a scrubbing brush.

How to Clean Bicycle Brakes in 7 Steps

  1. Secure the bicycle in a work stand for you to remove the wheels. This is necessary for you to gain good access to the brakes for easy cleaning.
  1. Remove both the sets of the brake pads. You should also remove the pad springs. When removing the brakes and pads you should unscrew them carefully to avoid damaging them.
  1. Use a scrubbing brush to scrub the brake pads. When scrubbing the brake pads you can have them resting on a flat surface to avoid scratching your fingers on the process. You should also scrub the backing of each brake till they are clean. To remove mud from the pad blocks, you can use a flatbed screw driver.
  1. Using a strip of damp cloth, clean the inner side of the brake caliper. You can also use a cotton bud or Q-tip to clean the caliper gently. To ensure the piston pushes squarely onto the pads, you should remove all the dirt and mud that may have been formed on them. When washing the inner side of your brake caliper you should allow time for water to soak the dirt so that it will easily come out. You should avoid spraying high pressure stream of water into your brake caliper when cleaning it. This is because they can lead to clogging of the brakes.
  1. Each side of the brake rotors you can clean it using a scrubbing brush. After you have cleaned both sides of the rotor, you can allow them to dry after wiping.
  1. Reinstall the brake system. After you have cleaned all parts of your back brake, you should reinstall them. You should follow the manufacturer’s instruction when installing the brakes to avoid cases where you will render them less effective when trying to brake your bicycle. You should ensure all the parts including the pad spring are perfectly reinstalled.
  1. Re-install your wheels

After the task of cleaning your bicycles brakes is over, then you will be left with a task of reinstalling the wheel back into your bicycle. You should always follow the right procedure when reinstalling the wheel. In case you face challenges, it is better for you to check on manuals that will explain to you on the right procedure for you to use when reinstalling the wheel. You should ensure during the process the brakes are also put in place and adjusted to brake the wheels well. You can try the brakes before you take your bike out for a ride.