Clip In Pedals vs. Standard Pedals

Clip In Pedals vs. Standard Pedals | Bart HaynesOne of the heaviest debates in the bicycle industry since the inception of clips is whether or not they can exhaustively replace flat or standard pedals. According to ,a website which concentrates on cycling matters, the question always pops up at-least once a month from their inquiries. Another website, calls it one of the heaviest showdown in the bicycle community. After reading through journals, magazines, going through websites and trying the different pedals myself, I concluded that clip-ins are better than flat pedals or standard pedals. Les see why clip-ins are better then standard pedals.

Efficiency at this point implies the ratio of the useful work performed by the clipped bike to the total energy expended on the foot pedals, which in-turn directly informs the ease of motion. Clipping the legs in the pedals set them in the right position enabling you to push correctly and with ease. You will notice that this will allow a more efficient stroke especially when the terrain becomes a little bit unfriendly. Clipping the feet on the pedals also sets the body on the saddle at the most apt angle hence increasing balance and reducing the chances of falling. Efficiency in cases where the cyclist is in competition will automatically increase the chances of the cyclist winning or coming among the the best.

Cycling is very dangerous on slopes especially where there has been rain. When the clips are used, a cyclist becomes more self -assured, self-assurance plays a very important role in creating an environment of triumph hence keeping us safe on our bikes. World Champion Gregg Minnaar said in an interview with CNN that he uses clips on slopes and mud for the same reasons. He also added that winning in cycling is never just about strength, speed and experience but also your cornering ability and confidence. Cornering ability is achieved when the body gets the correct position on the saddle. Clipping both your legs naturally adjusts your body to the right position. With the body in the right position, confidence immediately knocks in the mind and the door opens. Many people take their feet off the pedal instinctively even when they do not need to when using flat pedals. This alone confirms that flat pedals do not release the tinge of confidence in our mind as opposed to clipped pedals. In fact, getting the feet of the pedal unnecessary is one of the leading causes of bicycle accidents.

Handling the bicycle down a slope has always been risky affair to all cyclists. To move swiftly and smoothly, a cyclist will have to keep his feet on the pedals right from the top to the bottom. Keeping the feet on the pedal not only ensures the correct body positioning as stated earlier, but also eases the handling or control of the bicycle. This alone reduces the susceptibility of a cyclist to accidents.

From the details given above, it is no doubt the reason we see all cyclists in major races in clipped pedals is because they know why clip-ins are better then standard pedals . Any one in competition will always choose to use the best.