Bike Computers


When I first heard the term “bike computer,” I imaged a large monitor fixed atop the handlebars of a bicycle. I thought how silly that sounded and dismissed the idea of ever purchasing one for myself. Last month, however, I was perusing and came across an article titled 8 Awesome Cycling Computers That Aren’t Garmins that caught my attention. This article listed bike computers such as the Magellan Cyclo 315 and Lezyne Mini GPS Special Edition. In this article, I first found out that bike computers are small-screened devices that snap easily onto bicycles. I then discovered that they are capable of all kinds of things that would assist even the most experienced cyclist in making their rides more enjoyable and fun.

High-tech minded cyclists most likely have all of the latest gadgets that assist them in improving and informing them about their rides. For less technically savvy riders like myself, however, I decided to list some of the many things that the average bike computer can help you with. Then, I list the bike computers that seem to be the best on the market as of now.

Bike Computers Can: 

  • Track the distance of your rides
  • Provide intricate mapping systems
  • Track your speed
  • Track your average speed
  • Track your maximum speed
  • Track your elevation
  • Track the time of your rides
  • Monitor your odometer
  • Detail your cadence
  • Detail your output
  • Track your heart rate
  • Provide backlight for riding in the dark
  • Offer a full range of data and GPS options

Upon further research, I found that bike computers range drastically in capabilities and prices. Basic bike computers cost under $50 while the more advanced models cost over $200. To discover what kind of bike computer you want, think about what you’re curious about knowing in order to improve your rides. To help you in your search, I’ve listed 5 top-of-the-line bike computers below from least to most expensive.

  1. ENGREPO Bike Computer: At only $16.99, this bike computer offers an easy-to-read LCD display, a waterproof design, a functional speedometer, and details regarding your ride time.
  2. Cat Eye Endure Cyclecomputer ED400: This $25.99 brags the ability to track your current speed, maximum speed, average speed, trip distance, total distance, provide a clock, track elapsed time, and carbon offset.
  3. GARMIN Edge 200 GPS Bicycle Computer: This model prices at $67.99 and records your laps, has GPS positioning,  offers 4MB of memory, and keeps your cycling route history. You can even challenge cycling routes of virtual partners!
  4. Cat Eye Strada Smart Wireless Cycling Computer: This computer costs $99.99 and has bluetooth components to link with sensors and smartphones. Like it’s less expensive counterparts, this computer can track speeds, distances, and provides clocks. However, this can track your heart rate, cadence, and power in addition.
  5. GARMIN Edge 520 Bicycle Computer: This expensive computer is listed at $299.99 and offers you a thorough picture of your rides. It can monitor your heart rate, track calories burned, streamline your rides to social media to share with family and friends, follow you as you race, pair with ANT+ indoor trainers to follow a route that you can create. This is all in addition to the basic features and functions of cheaper models.