Ask Bart Haynes: 2017 Races for Beginners

Bart Haynes - Cycling Races

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a racing enthusiast. One of my favorite aspects of cycling is the races I get to participate in every year. Everything about racing gets me excited from the preparation to the racing adrenaline to the prospect of beating my previous time to the beer and massages afterwards!

Get ready for another entry in the “Ask Bart Haynes” all about races. A friend of mine who is thinking of getting more immersed in the cycling world recently asked me:

“Being a beginner cyclist, what races should I look forward to in 2017?” 

For all of you who are becoming more interested in cycling and are looking to participate in a race, I’m including my favorite events with help from for you to peruse in the United States in 2017. My hope is that you can use this list to help you choose your very first race if you haven’t raced before.


January 8: 10th Annual Stinky Spoke 2017 – Woodinville, WA

January 28-29: 2017 Icycle at Fontana Village – Fontana Dam, NC

February 25: 3rd Annual “The Mangy Mutt 10 Mile Desert Bike Ride & 30 Mile Desert Bike Race Event” – Kingman, AZ

February 25-26: 2017 So Cal Enduro Series #2: Vail Lake – Temecula, CA

March 4: Mussels in the Kettles – Coupeville, WA

April 20-23: 2017 Sea Otter Classic – Monterey, CA

May 13: Desert RATS Classic 2017 – Fruita, CO

May 13: Crying Wolf Challenge 2017 – Bluefield, WV

May 21-22: Spring-Thaw – Ashland, OR

April 1: Tour de Ranch – Vernon, FL

June 17: 2017 Tour de Fronds XX – Powers, OR

June 17-18: 2017 So Cal Enduro #7: Bike Bear Lake – Big Bear Lake, CA

June 18: Six Hours of Balsam Grove – Balsam Grove, NC

August 27: Mt. Ashland Hill Climb – Ashland, OR

October 28: 2017 6 Hour of the Dinosaur – San Angelo, TX

Best of luck to you in your 2017 racing adventures!